Tips for Web and Mobile App Testing

Research shows that there are numerous web and mobile apps available in the market, mostly on Google Play Store and other app selling websites. Also, it is believed that the number continues to grow at an alarming rate. This is due to increase in the number of technology enthusiast who keeps on launching new software's daily. The action has resulted in mixed reactions. Some people think that the increase has brought challenges to the application market as the invention has led to increasing competition among the app developers thereby making the prices to reduce significantly. On the other hand, other think that the development of app has increased invention level to a more substantial percentage compared to the previous century.

However, with the many apps and websites available, study shows that many people do uninstall some apps immediately after installing them due to some bugs and viruses that some apps come with. Therefore, for an app developer to overcome such challenges, the following are the web and app testing tips that you need to consider when developing and before launching the website or application. Look up qa apps to know more. 

First and foremost, you need to test the mobile app on the right platform. Since the app is developed to work on a mobile phone or tablet, you need to check it using an actual device. Besides, the developer needs to make different versions of the mobile app since most mobile operating systems come in more than one version. Also, if you are developing a website, you have to test it on various types of web browsers and in multiple devices to see if it can work properly on devices of different screen size.

It is vital to note that the internet speed plays a significant role on the user's level of experience when using the app. Therefore, you need to carry out an app test with different internet speeds. In the test process, ensure that you test the app in different internet speeds including, slow connections and fast ones. Other than speed issues, you need to consider the features that are making the application to load slowly.

On the other hand, it is critical to ensure that your app and we testing incorporates battery consumption. Since some users may experience difficulties with the mobile application with high battery consumption and they may end up uninstalling such apps. It is also essential to test how the app will work with other apps installed on the users' phones. Make sure that the app will not cause problems for other apps when it is running on screen or in the background state. Check out " what is explorator testing" online to know more. 

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